• School Mascot


    School Colors

    Royal Blue and Gold

    School Song

    On Christian County’s western border

    Grain and cattle grow.

    ‘Tis the home of Billings High School

    Finest place we know.

    Alma mater, Alma mater

    Blue and gold, so true.

    Hail to thee, our alma mater

    Hail to Billings School.


    Rich in Tradition…Preparing for the Future!


    Shared Beliefs:

    1. We will teach the curriculum in a respectful environment that is conducive to learning. 

    2. We will value each other, our students, and our school.

    3. We will exemplify an attitude of pride in student achievement. 

    4. We will use the allotted time to achieve our goals as a building and as a district.

    5. We will treat all our school, building, district, and community members respectfully. 

    6. We will support students in overcoming obstacles that inhibit their learning. 

    2022-2023 Goals:

    • We will build relationships and improve areas of student involvement together and promote a well-rounded graduate. 

    • We will prioritize learning as a staff and empower students.

    • We will collaborate, plan, and prepare to provide our students with the highest level of learning. 

    • We will enhance our skills as teachers in teams and walk in the responsibility of adults in the community to lead our students in academics, behaviors, and learning.