•   Wes Jones, Transportation Director, jonesw@billings.k12.mo.us 

    Please contact Wes or Janis at 744-2623 for information on bus routes or transportation matters.
    The Billings R-IV School District is accepting applications for bus driver. Please contact Janis at (417) 744-2623 for application and information.

    Inclement Weather Information-The decision to cancel school due to inclement weather is made by the  superintendent. This decision  involves consideration of multiple issues and will be made as quickly as possible. The district will use television, radio, website and School Messenger  to contact you. The superintendent will determine if students will attend after school activities if school is canceled for inclement weather. In the case of a " No School Day" due to inclement weather, parents and guardians will determine whether to send their child to an after school activity. Students will not be penalized for missing activities during inclement weather days. The district has adopted the policy of "late start" if applicable, which would delay school two hours, with bus routes running accordingly. If you have questions or concerns please call Cynthia Brandt at 744-2623.