Billings School District

Rich in Tradition... Preparing for the Future

118 W. Mt. Vernon, Billings, MO 65610

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Superintendent's Updates

  • Billings School Fall Sports Guidelines-Click to view


    First Day of School-August 25th, 8:00-3:40



     Click below to view our Summer School COVID-19 Plan and Safety Procedures

    Summer School COVID-19 Plan and Procedures Manuel





    Just a reminder that the Billings FEMA Building will be open during a Tornado Warning. Set protocol will be followed. Be prepared to sign in, take your temperature and keep appropriate distance from others, should we have a critical weather event.


    Click here to view the chromebook agreement form




    If you need assistance,  please contact Cynthia Brandt, Superintendent at 417-744-2623. 





    FEMA Building-Just a reminder that the FEMA building is open with any tornado warning. We have a protocol that we are following during this COVID-19 outbreak. You will come in the shelter as usual. We will take temperatures, provide a way for you to sanitize your hands, ask you to keep distance between you and others, and document your name and contact information.












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  • The Billings School District serves 383 students in grades K-12. The district has one elementary school and one junior high/high school. We are one of the few schools remaining with all schools located on one campus, which provides a unique opportunity for our students to meet and get to know others outside their particular grade level. Our instruction is excellent, yielding a high ranking APR score of 99.8%. Our motto is "Rich in Tradition. . . Preparing for the Future."  Our goal is to create an exemplary school district that is recognized for the caliber of our students, the quality of our teachers and staff, and the excellence of our instruction. We believe in the value of integrity, hard work and quality education. 


    "The Mission of Billings School District, which is progressive and rich in tradition, is to provide a student-centered educational experience guaranteeing our graduates are prepared, confident, and willing to creatively and effectively meet life's challenges."

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