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  • May 4th, 2020

    Announcement: "GRADES in MY classes! Several of you…"

    Bob Oliver
    Created 11:18 AM11:18 AM
    GRADES in MY classes!
    Several of you have asked about grades and what work you HAVE to do?
    You are responsible for ALL assignments through March 16th, which was our last day in the classroom. This includes regular assignments, Quizes, and Tests.
    The Learning packets that you have been receiving can only help your grade if you do them. They are designed to give you the information that you would have covered if we were still in class.
    I have printed Grade Checks for everyone and I put them in your "pick up folder" at school and I have re-printed copies of assignments for those of you that are missing work from before March 16th, ESPECIALLY your last Test that we had before the Corona Break.
    Some of you already have these papers but have not turned them in yet, others have done the work and turned them in at the school but they have been in the disinfectant process so I do not have them yet. Either way, the work prior to March 16th is due by this Friday.
    I hope you all are doing well and are staying safe.
    Mr. Oliver

    Previous Post: During this Wellness Break from regular classroom activities, I will be using Google Classroom and our email system to communicate with my students and their families as much as possible. If you need your Google password reset, let me know and we can get that done for you.

    For students with limited or no internet access, I will be providing hard copies of learning packets that will be distributed by the school's delivery system.

    My email address is oliverb@billings.k12.mo.us and I will be checking it frequently each day of the Wellness Break. I will try to check my emails at least once in the morning, around noon, and again around 5pm each day of this Wellness Break. I will also be available, via email/internet, Monday mornings from 8-10 for quicker response to questions you may have about your assignments. 

    We are doing our best, trying to deal with a situation that none of us have ever been in before so I am sure there will be some glitches in the system as we go along but we can always find a solution to any problems that will arise, so please be patient and feel free to express any concerns or questions that you may encounter during these different times.

    Education is extremely important to us all, but our student's safety and wellness is at the top of our list right now.

    Please stay safe and open minded to this new process.