• Steps for enrolling a child who is new to the district:

    Step 1 Identify the school your child will attend. This can be determined by contacting the Elementary Office at (417) 744-2552, or the JH/HS Office at (417) 744-2551 and providing your residential address.

    Step 2 Once the school is determined, go to the school for enrollment materials, or fill out the online registration. Please take the following to the school:

    • Proof of date of birth from one of the following documents; Birth certificate, adoption record, certified statement of a physician, or an immunization record with birthdate.
    • Child's immunization records
    • Child's academic records
    • Name and address of school child previously attended


    E-registration is an annual process that is completed by parents, through their parent portal SIS account.  We invite you to review and update the demographic, emergency contact and health concern information that we currently have on file for your child(ren). Your help is critical to our having the most accurate information possible. We ask that you do this prior to onsite registration.