• STUDENTS Policy 2230
    (Regulation 2230) Admission and Withdrawal
    (Form 2230) Admission of Resident Students

    All students, five to twenty-one (5-21) years of age, who reside within the boundaries of the District may attend District schools tuition free. In order to "reside" within the District, the student must be physically domiciled within District boundaries. The domicile of a minor child is the domicile of a parent, military guardian pursuant to a military issued guardianship, or court-appointed legal guardian.

    Exceptions The residency provisions of this policy are not applicable to homeless students, students with only one parent living, inter-District desegregation students, wards of the state, students placed in a residential care facility due to a mental illness or developmental disability, students placed in a residential facility by a juvenile court, or students attending regional or cooperative alternative education programs. The exemptions are expressly established by state law and entitle such students to tuition-free school attendance.

    Students of Nonresident Teachers and Regular Employees Nonresident students of District teachers or regular District employees may be permitted to attend school without payment of tuition. Such students will be considered to be "resident" students for purposes of state aid.