Confer, compare, and clarity

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on 11/14/2013

TPT 11/14/13
Confer, Compare, and Clarify
Allow students to read each other’s notes to get tips on note taking and increase understanding. Here’s a great strategy…
1.    Students pair up
a.    Confer means get together and share a one-sentence summary of what they feel is most important about the lesson.
b.    Compare means students read each other’s notes and ensure they have all of the information. Encourage them to “borrow” ideas from the notes and add them to their own.
c.    Clarify means students record any questions that they have about the lesson.
2.    Ask other pairs to join to make small groups and share again making sure to answer any questions from the “Clarify” part.
3.    If there are questions they cannot answer in their groups, address them as a class.