Key-Word Dance

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on 11/1/2013

Key-Word Dance
This is another way for students to review their notes while they are still fresh in their minds. As they review the notes they select key words which are essential to understanding the concepts. Once picked, they make them “dance” by writing them in the form of a poem.
Ex. This example is from Babcock and Potter’s The Tiger Rising within a unit on symbolism.
He has his…
            -His Color
            -His Purpose
He is…
So, he sees…
            And Things
            In Blank Too
How It Works
1.    After a teacher-led content lesson, ask students to review their notes and select a specific number of words from their notes that they believe are important for understanding the content.
2.    Ask the students to use the words to create a Key-Word Dance. (Model the activity before asking students to do it)
3.    In small groups, ask them to share their poems and explain why the words they chose are representative of the big ideas presented.
4.    Ask volunteers to share as a whole group or in a Chalkboard Splash.
Ensuring Higher-Order Thinking
Analysis is used to determine the words that are important for understanding. You may also ask students to defend their choices.