Pause, Star, Rank

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on 10/17/2013

Pause, Star, Rank
If you have ever forgotten why you wrote something or what it meant at the time, this TPT is for you! It allows students to review their notes while concepts are still fresh in their minds.
How It Works
At the end of a teacher-led presentation, ask students to do the following:
1.    Review their notes and put starts next to the most important concepts
2.    Pick the top 3 most important concepts and create a summary sentence for each one.
3.    Rank the 3 summary sentences in order of importance with a 1, 2, and 3.
4.    Students share their summary sentences and star ranking with others (could be whole group, pair share, chalkboard splash…)
Higher-Order Thinking
            This activity lends itself to high order due to the analysis portion. You must read through all the information and then decide what is most important and summarize it.