Networking Sessions

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on 10/10/2013

Networking Sessions
Networking sessions are an easy way to mix things up. It allows students to talk to others and get out of their social comfort zone.
How It Works
1.    Prepare 1-4 prompts. Ask students to reflect on or quick-write responses.
2.    Ask them to find someone who they haven’t talked to today to share one of their responses with.
3.    After a designated amount of time, have the students find a new partner they haven’t talked to and share again.
4.    Repeat until all the responses have been shared.
Higher-Order Thinking
Using prompts or questions that require higher-order thinking is important. To ensure this happens ask questions that go beyond factual information and ask students to delve into the implications of the concepts for the world around them. Provide opportunities for students to personalize their answers by applying them to their world. Ask students to defend their responses based on information learned.