Quick Write

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on 9/19/2013

TPT 09/19/13
A Quick-Write is a brief activity that can be inserted at any point in a lesson or planned ahead. It involves reflecting, in writing, on what has been done so far during a lesson. 
Example: The teacher might stop at some point in the lesson and say, “For the next three minutes, jot down your reflections on how the Earth’s shifting plates may have affected the landscape of where you live.”
How It Works
1.    Select a prompt that you would like students to address.
2.    Give them a specified amount of time to collect their thought and jot down a response (3-5 minutes, depending on the prompt)
3.    Follow this with a Pair-Share or a Chalkboard Splash so they are reporting their thoughts to others.
Higher-Order Thinking
Your prompt will dictate the complexity of the task. Make sure you are not asking for knowledge or recall information. Require analysis and synthesis in from the students’ responses.