A-Z Sentence Summaries

Posted by Linda Knight on 9/12/2013

TPT 9/12/13
A-Z Sentence Summaries
1.       At the end of a teacher-led content presentation, assign students a letter of the alphabet (or give them a cardboard or magnetic letter).
2.       Ask the students to create a one-sentence summary of the lesson, beginning their sentence with the assigned letter.
3.       Call out the letters in order as a cue for students to read their sentences out loud or share them in a chalkboard splash.
One way to ensure higher-order thinking is to ask students to add a relevance component to their sentences (what is the importance of...).
J = Just in time for the Civil War, weapons were enhanced by great accuracy and distance.
V = Very fast firing of weapons caused many causalities during the Civil war.
Y = Young men were drafted into the war and used rifles.