Chalkboard Splash

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on 8/29/2013

Chalkboard Splash (whiteboard splash, chart paper splash—whatever you got!)
1. Create a sentence starter, prompt, or question for which you would like all students to see all of their peers’ responses
2. Ask them to copy their responses onto random or designated places on the chalkboard.
3. Debrief by asking students to walk around, analyze, and jot down similarities, differences, and surprises.
4. Ask students to get into small groups and share what they noticed in terms of similarities, differences, and surprises, before asking for volunteers to share.
You could analyze answers with a double T-chart:
The prompt you choose and the analysis will make the activity high order.
Sample questions: 
What do you think the main character will wish for? What makes you think that?
What have you noticed about yourself as a reader because of this unit?
What advice would you give to (historical figure) ?