Billings Christmas Parade: JH/HS Band

Billings Christmas parade

JH/HS band

Saturday, December 12

Arrival to HS Gym: 1:00 pm

Line-up: 1:30 pm

Parade: 2:00 pm



Pants: Black pants (black jeans, black dress pants, black sweats/running pants, leggings etc. are fine, no neon or off color stripes or designs please). 

Shirts: Christmas sweater/sweatshirts, and/or plain red, green, white etc.. If wearing leggings or yoga pants, please make sure your shirt is tunic length.

Shoes: Marching shoes or black tennis shoes.  If the tennis shoes have other colors, please cover with black electrical tape if at all possible.  

Head Gear: Santa Hats, reindeer antlers, elf ears etc. are all acceptable. Make sure they will stay properly on your head while you march.  Ms. Waldo will have Santa hats for any students who do not have their own.

Fell free to wear gloves as long as they do not impede being able to play your instrument.

Students will be required to wear a mask (brass and woodwinds will wear performance masks, perc will wear either their blue Billings mask or other blue mask).  Wind instruments must have their bell covers on their instruments.

Students may decorate their instruments, just make sure the instrument is still playable and that you have not done anything that damages the instrument or the finish of your instrument.

Check back here for any updates and/or additional information.