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Superintendent's Updates

  • School Information-COVID-19 Update

    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    I would like to update you on some new information. As many of you may know, Governor Parson has adopted procedures which would permit students and school employees who have had direct contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 to be present for classes when they would otherwise be quarantined-if, at the time of exposure both persons were wearing masks and wearing them correctly. This has created several questions to be considered by local School Boards. 
    With that being said, our local County Health Department currently favors complying with CDC guidelines, which would require quarantine from school even if both parties are wearing masks. Local Boards have to consider which course of action to follow, the state guidance, or the county's recommended guidance. Additionally, although MSHSAA has stated that schools providing all-virtual instruction may participate in activities, subject to the requirements of various health protocols, many districts have decided if COVID-19 is so widespread that the school must go to all-virtual, then it is too widespread for sports and activities to occur. 
    Our Board of Education voted last night to approve a resolution to amend our COVID plan to include a masking mandate for all staff and students, which allows for the implementation of new quarantine protocols as endorsed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and DESE, once the new protocols are approved by our Christian County Health Department. We expect their decision soon. We are now all wearing masks PK-12th grade, at all times. Modifications will be made for those with medical conditions that are documented by a healthcare provider. The Board also approved, "Spectator and Player Guidelines for Winter Sports" attached below. Please help us by following all guidelines that were adopted.
    Our plan is to return to seated instruction on December 1, 2020, with all activities and practices in place. I thoroughly appreciate the support and understanding that has carried us through this two week modification. I appreciate each one of you! Take good care and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Mrs. Brandt

    Spectator and Player Guidelines for Winter Sports 2020-2021

    Update on November 19, 2020:  This has been a difficult week with respect to COVID-19. As of today, the district has 17 faculty and staff members on quarantine, and 11 current positive cases between adults and children. During this Level 3 period, we have disseminated hundreds of chromebooks to students and distributed approximately 50 hotspots to families needing internet assistance. Our teachers are working hard to prepare meaningful lessons and virtual opportunities for our children. We appreciate them so much!

    I would like to thank our parents and community for the overwhelming support during the move to Level 3 instruction. We made 57 calls Monday afternoon and evening, and had an additional positive report late Monday evening which would have pushed the number of quarantined to 158 persons. With the extreme situation at hand, the decision was made to go to Level 3 instruction. Additionally, a decision was made to halt activities and practices during this short two week period. Our goal is to return to seated instruction on December 1st. Thank you for your patience and support as we try to keep everyone safe! 

    Mrs. Brandt



    NEW UPDATE AFTER THE QUARANTINE CALLS:  The Billings School will begin a two week status of Level 3-Remote Learning from home, starting tomorrow November 17th through November 30th. This stage has been implemented, due to a late report this evening requiring additional students to be placed in quarantine. Teachers will provide online instruction daily and communication using Google Classroom or other means of contact, at least two times per week. Paper assignments will be used for PK-2nd grade levels. All assignments will be graded with timely feedback. Chromebooks (one per family) will be available for pick-up on Wednesday, November 18th, at the central office. Pods are available for those students without internet access and additional hot spots have been set up in the parking lots. The building will be closed to students. Those students placed on quarantine should remain at home. If you have questions, please contact us at (417) 744-2623.


    Governor Parson Announces Changes in State's K-12 School Quarantine Guidance-November 12, 2020-Proper Mask Usage May Prevent Close Contacts from Quarantining

    Billings School Fall Sports Guidelines-Click to view


     Click below to view our Summer School COVID-19 Plan and Safety Procedures

    Summer School COVID-19 Plan and Procedures Manuel


    Just a reminder that the Billings FEMA Building will be open during a Tornado Warning. Set protocol will be followed. Be prepared to sign in, take your temperature and keep appropriate distance from others, should we have a critical weather event.


    Click here to view the chromebook agreement form


    If you need assistance,  please contact Cynthia Brandt, Superintendent at 417-744-2623. 
















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  • The Billings School District serves 383 students in grades K-12. The district has one elementary school and one junior high/high school. We are one of the few schools remaining with all schools located on one campus, which provides a unique opportunity for our students to meet and get to know others outside their particular grade level. Our instruction is excellent, yielding a high ranking APR score of 99.8%. Our motto is "Rich in Tradition. . . Preparing for the Future."  Our goal is to create an exemplary school district that is recognized for the caliber of our students, the quality of our teachers and staff, and the excellence of our instruction. We believe in the value of integrity, hard work and quality education. 


    "The Mission of Billings School District, which is progressive and rich in tradition, is to provide a student-centered educational experience guaranteeing our graduates are prepared, confident, and willing to creatively and effectively meet life's challenges."